Meet the Author


Kathy O'Neil was born in Houston, Texas, and raised along with two sisters and two brothers. Kathy began teaching Sunday school and playing guitar at mass while in high school. Her interest in the rosary began many years ago when the Hail Mary and the Our Father became her go to prayers during times of stress, fear, relaxation, joy—really any time of the day! Her use of the rosary brings peace and joy to her heart. Kathy and her husband have raised four sons together in a busy, noisy, fun- and pet-filled home.

Cynthia Meadows, a native Texan, draws and paints on anything she can find due to her passion to decorate and color the world. Whether it is cartoons on the sides of her homework in elementary school, paintings as Christmas gifts, murals or faux finishes on walls, or illustrations and storyboards for advertising agencies, she continually decorates the world. Cynthia's desire to look inside characters is why she loves to illustrate children's books, to create characters, and to give the reader a positive—sometimes humorous—view of life. God, beauty, and imagination are important elements in Cynthia's life and work. She believes this wonderful rosary book will bring readers a more clear understanding of the rosary and the comfort and peace of God.


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